Although Radio's Comedy-Talk Sensation, FROM THE 'VILLE with Martin& Steele, is NO longer in production you can still get the legendary
shows online here
From The 'Ville with Martin & Steele (often referred to as FTV) was arenowned internet radio based comedy-talk show which broadcast twiceweekly from SteelMar Studios in Bay City, Michigan. The show beganairing independently as a stand alone podcast in the spring of 2006. Itquickly developed a large cult-following which spanned every continenton the planet. Sadly, in June of 2008 the show ended production becauseof a conflict of interest with one of the hosts other endeavors.
FTV was the comedic brainchild of two longtime friends Martin &Steele. They are both 1989 graduates of Garber High School inEssexville, Michigan. While growing up together the two formed afriendship and a comical bond that would later serve as the successfulfoundation of FTV. Throughout their school years, Martin & Steeleentertained their fellow pupils with off-color humor much to the dismayof teachers and faculty members. Needless, to say they both spent a lotof time in the Principal's Office. After graduating from high school Martin & Steele briefly attendedFerris State University (FSU), where they continued their comicalantics. However, after several trips to the Dean's Office theyeventually flunked out of college with 0.0 grade pointaverage's,…yes we said 0.0!
After leaving FSU, Martin & Steele briefly wrestled in the now defuntPorta-Pit Wrestling Federation (PPWF). Martin wrestled under the namesof "Moosepiss" and "Fullbody", while Steele grappled under themonikers of "Papa Kielbaza" & "The Knife". Both men won acouple championship belts during their short-lived PPWF careers. Thetwo then parted ways for many years while pursuing other endeavors.During this time, Martin joined the Army for the next four years. Uponhis discharge, he wrote a sitcom pilot for "Johnny" (which wassemi-autobiographical and featured a title character who was based onhis old friend Steele) for a major network. He also became a masterof ceremonies at comedy clubs throughout the midwest, and a highlysought after Elvis impersonator.
Meanwhile, Steele purchased a car wash which failed miserably soonthereafter. He then began his pursuit into the world of entertainmentas he tried his hand at a spot on television's "America's FunniestPeople" where he gave a memorable performance which involved a box ofTwinkies, a leisure suit, and some "non-verbal" gestures in front ofa standing room only crowd. His nonsensical antics earned him the statusof crowd favorite, however, the judges thought otherwise. They had himescorted off the premises by security for apparently being inappropriate& for making a mockery of the show for which an unidentified sourcelater described Steele's stage actions by stating "that man made anass of himself!" Next, he turned his focus to music as he became thefrontman & vocalist of the metal band "Steele & The Sassy Boys"which mainly performed at venues around Mid-Michigan. While with theband he co-wrote such rock anthems as "We Are Mighty Vikings","The Chalis Shines While The Elf Lies Weeping", and "Chariotsof Metal" (which received a lot of airplay on radio stations acrossGermany in the early 90's but then again so did David Hasselhoff).Months later, he co-starred in Tony Navarre's crime-drama cultclassic film - "Essexville Justice" where he portrayed no-nonsenseDetective, Boots McCrae. Steele then returned to conventional life ashe re-enrolled in college and received a bachelor's degree in criminaljustice from Saginaw Valley State University. He also completedinternships with several federal law enforcement agencies, and moved toLos Angeles where he attended a four-month long investigator academy.
However, when the new millennium arrived the time had finally come forMartin & Steele to team up again and entertain the masses. In 2002, theyjoined forces for the first time in over a decade as they wrote,produced, and co-starred in "Fakes" the 3 hour epic movieextravaganza which was a satirical homage to the wrestling business. Three years later the film was completed and it made its regional debuton the big screen in summer of 2005. Then in the spring of 2006 theyfound a new way to bring their comedic genius to a global audience viathe advent of podcasting or "internet radio",… and that's whenthe legend which became known as From the 'Ville was born!
FTV hit the air in May of 2006 from SteelMar Studios in Bay City,Michigan and quickly took internet listeners by storm. The show startedas just another lowly podcast, but soon rose to prominence due to Martin& Steele's shameless, unapologetic, and self-depricating brand ofhumor and unique comedy stylings. Each episode was chocked full ofin-depth, politically incorrect, & brutally honest conversationsregarding an array of topics such as current events, pop culture,bizarre news, and stories from the hosts' very own personal lives which included: Martin's botched vasectomy and frequent use of a buttplug; and Steele's many encounters with premature ejaculation,erectile dysfunction, and the fact that he can't eat for several hoursafter seeing retarded persons. Moreover, the discussions were alwaysdriven by the charismatic, engaging, and sometimes volatile & highlycombustible personalities of its two hosts. Aside from their usual comical and frank conversations, FTV also createda variety of classic bits such as "Riddle Me an Ailment" wherecontestants were given descriptions of various ailments and then had toguess the particular handicap , and "Name that Has Been" whereparticipants had to guess the identity of a former TV star based on aseries of subtle hints. In addition, the show brought you the satiricalmovie trailer for "My Butt Yearns" which was to be a fake moviebased on Martin's agonizing search for his long lost buttplug andSteele's highly-coveted commentaries, especially the one entitled"Straight Talk with The Gays". Furthermore, the hosts periodicallydid awful celebrity impersonations. Martin regularly impersonated 60Minute's - Andy Rooney, Comic - Kevin Meaney, and TV host - LarryKing. Meanwhile, Steele occasionally impersonated 1970's HollywoodSquare's Cast Member - Paul Lynde, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon,along with many generic stereotypical Orientals and Blacks.
The FTV hosts also regularly engaged in several other shameless actslive on air. For example: Martin proudly displayed his removed vasdefrens (or "cum-tubes") in the studio; celebrated the first day ofBlack history Month wearing an Afro-Wig; got his bare-ass spanked bypornstar Ariel Summers; stuck an array of FTV stickers on pornstarHeather Pink's private parts;and brought his much discussedCoke-a-Cola blanket (aka,…his cum-rag) into the studio which he thendisgustingly threw at his co-host. On the other hand, Steeleautographed pornstar Heather Pink's vagina; took a facial beating bySavannah Jane's silicone infused 44dd sized-breasts; wiped his asswith a KSEX banner; open-hole mooned the live viewing audience; gave hisco-host a Cheerios box filled with his own butt-hairs & pubics which heaffectionately referred to as "Assios"; told a "Chinaman" thathe was adorable and wanted to bounce him on his knee; spit at hisco-host during a heated argument; and paraded around the studio in hisnow infamous "Assless Kilt" during a St. Patrick's Day Special.
Soon after the show was launched it became evident that FTV was NOTjust another podcast. In fact, it became nothing less than an all outcomedy & talk sensation as it rapidly began to catch the attention ofpeople throughout the radio, tv, comedy, and the adult entertainmentindustries. After just a few short months, FTV's ever expandinglistener-base began growing by leaps and bounds.In January of 2007, FTV was picked up by the Heat Party Radio Networkout of New York. Then in the spring of that year, the show began airingon the infamous adult-oriented KSEX Radio / TV in Los Angeles. Sixmonths later, FTV became the "flagship" show of the The Adult NewsChannel (or TANC TV). Some of the others to host weekly shows on thesenetworks during FTV's tenure were pornstars such as Sunset Thomas,Stormy Daniels, Nikki Benz, Courtney Cummz, Sunny Lane, Lisa Sparx,Heather Pink, Ryder Skye, Rebecca Love, Roxy Jezell, Ariel Summers, andJack Lawrence as well as Gary Garver of Howard Stern Show fame. Duringthese affiliations, FTV finally obtained some well deserved show andchannel sponsorships and associations such as Cum Kleem Personal Wipes,Girls Gone Wild, Genesis Magazine, Clips 4-Sale, and Bierbitzch Beer toname a few.
In addition, these network partnerships enabled Martin & Steele to takeFTV on the road. In the fall of 2007, they were flown to LA where theymet with some fans from all over California, partied with pornstars, andmade their long awaited debut on KSEX TV. Then in 2008 Martin & Steelewere given press passes and sent to Las Vegas to provide coverage of theAdult Video News Awards (AVNs) & Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE). Theybroadcasted their shows live on radio, tv, and the web every nightduring AVN award-week from high atop the legendary Flamingo Hotel andalso attended several industry-related events and VIP after parties.
Although FTV's no-holds barred reputation was mainly built on thecreative and comedic personalities of its two hosts -Martin & Steele,the show also boasts an eclectic array of guests (both in studio & byphone) such as: stand-up comics, pornstars, pro-wrestlers, cabletelevision stars, mustachioed Americans, failed puppeteers, retarded barjanitors, the clinically obese, chronic alcoholics, diabetics, dirty oldmen, lesbian divorcees, effeminate gays, and female-to-male trannies! Some of the celebrity who appeared on FTV included: Comic & formerCo-Host of Comedy Central's "The Man Show" DOUG STANHOPE;Comic & Cast Member of HBO's "Lucky Louie" RICK SHAPIRO; AVNAward Winning Pornstar SUNNY LANE; 1980's Male Porn-Legend RANDY WEST; Porn-Legend CARA LOTT; Pro-Wrestler of WWF/WWE Fame GANGREL; Ex-Cop turned Marijuana Advocate & Creator of the "Never GetBusted" DVD Series BARRY COOPER; Head of The American MustacheInstitute AARON PERLUT; Pornstar, Radio Host, & Escort HEATHERPINK; Club Jenna/Playboy's Creator of "The Casting Couch" DICTRACY; Rude TV Personality POWDER; The Indian Playboy & CEO ofEcstasy Vision Films RICHARD MENNEN,…and more.
Sadly, the show that brought the world weekly doses of over-the-topnonsense ended in June of 2008 and the magic that was FTV came to aclose as Martin & Steele stopped all show production due to a conflictof interest with one of the hosts other endeavors. However, the legacyof the show and its prolific hosts continues to grow in the annals ofcyberspace. The legend of FTV can still be enjoyed at the press of abutton. You can listen to ALL 200 + audio episodes which remainavailable online on various podcast sites or can be accessed directly atWWW.FROMTHEVILLE.COM http://www.FROMTHEVILLE.COM or on its hosting site atWWW.FROMTHEVILLE.LIBSYN.COM http://www.FROMTHEVILLE.LIBSYN.COM . In addition, you can watch 40 + of theseepisodes at WWW.USTREAM.TV/CHANNEL/FROM-THE-VILLE http://www.USTREAM.TV/CHANNEL/FROM-THE-VILLE . You can also findout more about the show at WWW.MYSPACE.COM/FROMTHEVILLESHOW http://www.MYSPACE.COM/FROMTHEVILLESHOW or atWWW.YOUTUBE.COM/FROMTHEVILLESHOW http://www.YOUTUBE.COM/FROMTHEVILLESHOW or you can still contact the hosts atFTV@FROMTHEVILLE.COM mailto:FTV@FROMTHEVILLE.COM , MARTIN@FROMTHEVILLE.COM mailto:MARTIN@FROMTHEVILLE.COM , orSTEELE@FROMTHEVILLE.COM mailto:STEELE@FROMTHEVILLE.COM . Steele can also be found on FACEBOOK - JohnSteele (Bay City/Saginaw, MI Network).